Program Goals

  • To provide Members with another tool to use in their personal development program.
  • To allow for opportunities to use footage as additional educational material relevant to the participants during in class training.
  • To allow for opportunities to provide mentorship to using video.

What is the CDSRA Video Program?

The CDSRA Executive Board has proposed a Video Program to be accessible by all CDSRA members by request. We would like to provide our fellow members with the opportunity to have a game recorded by a designated CDSRA member who will provide you with the footage to be used privately by the member who requested the recording of the game.  

How would the CDSRA Video Program benefit you?

With the availability of affordable high-quality video recording technology, we are presented with an opportunity to use this technology to further develop ourselves as Soccer Referees. Have you ever wondered how your signals look to the players and spectators, or if you could have had a better angle from which to see a challenge? The ability to observe and critique yourself allows for an immense opportunity to adapt and improve your style of officiating.  As the primary goal of the CDSRA is to assist our members to become the best referees that we can be, we would like to provide our members with this opportunity. n to come.