Regulations and Guidelines to the CDSRA Video Program

The videos will be restricted to private use.

Due to the nature of recording in a public setting, the CDSRA Executive Board would require that CDSRA members who receive footage from this program refrain from posting or sharing footage on social media or similar public platforms. However, if you feel that something that occurred in your game could be beneficial to training or development for the rest of the CDSRA membership, you may request that the video be edited and a clip provided to the CDSRA instructors to be used at an appropriate IRT session.

Additionally if you would like mentorship or feedback on a match or situation, upon request the CDSRA can make the video available to a CDSRA Instructor or Mentor for review. 

We ask that members who are interested in utilizing this program submit their requests within the period between the release of and acceptance of each month’s assignments so as to provide a sufficient amount of time to find a designated member to record the game.

Completed footage will be submitted to a CDSRA Google Drive folder which can be downloaded. This will only be accessible by the member who requested the use of the program and the mentor or instructor if requested.

The video will remain accessible on Google Drive for a period of one month. But will remain externally archived for a period of one year unless otherwise requested by the member.