CDSRA members awarded with CUSA Archivements Awards!

Jack Buckler Award

This is awarded for the most outstanding contributions to the sport of soccer within Calgary and area. 

Congratulations to long-time member Mark Tyndale for this amazing achievement.

Mark has been an active official in Calgary and area for numerous years. Available for league and tournaments. He has sat on CUSA Discipline Committee, taking the extra time to consider creative alternatives in some of the more unusual reports put in front of him. He has dedicated time to coach and mentor new officials as they learn the responsibility of the role. In his day job he is a key part of the local judicial scene. He is someone who believes that you must be an active contributing member to the community. For the past four decades, criminal lawyer-turned provincial court Judge Mark Tyndale would get up early on Tuesday mornings and drive to Canadian Blood Services to donate the gift of life, then proceed to work.

Kieran McGarrigle Award 

This is presented for outstanding contributions that improve the refereeing community. 

Congratulations to long-time member Rob Urquhart for this prestigious award! Rob's tribute was written by long-time member, FIFA official and close friend Drew Fischer.

He is an active instructor, having taught a number of entry level and refresher courses, in addition to offering regular instruction for CARD. Even more than instructing, Rob has been a prolific assessor over the past 3 years, including assessing at multiple Provincial competitions and two national competitions. In particular, his work with the 'upand-coming' officials has been second to none. He has formally assessed nearly every upgrade candidate in southern Alberta, but more than that has acted as a mentor countless times (really whenever one of them has asked). It's a testament to his contributions to their development, and his willingness to share his knowledge and experience, that a number of them regularly text, email and Facebook message him looking for advice and feedback.
Kieran was the person most instrumental in pushing Rob into refereeing way back in 1994. They had a heated dispute about how the game should be refereed on the field in Vernon way back then and Kieran’s response was that if Rob knew so much about refereeing then he should take the course and prove it. Rob took him up on the offer and the rest is history.

Once again, congratulations to both Mark and Rob on their awards! Your long-time contributions to the community, involvement in our association and mentor ship are greatly appreciated. Let's hope there is many years to come and we wish you all the best in the future. 

For pictures and a list of all recipients, visit the link below. 

Sources: CUSA Achievement Awards 2015