CDSRA announces new program for Entry Level/District referees!

The CDSRA is excited to introduce a new program targeting new district referees and those who want additional instruction and development - free of charge

This new educational program's goal is to provide instructional sessions with the objective to encourage newer district referees to participate, provide development opportunities and answer questions on the Laws of the Game.  These classes will be offered once a month.

The first class will be on Tuesday, May 8th 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Scouts Hall (2140 Brownsea Dr NW) adjacent to the Broadview field. The first session will feature Ref/AR teamwork/collaboration and mechanics.

The topics will vary each month and include topics such as: mechanics, positioning, foul recognition, referee/AR team work, game control, etc.

See you there and please share this among the community!