Congratulations to CDSRA Members representing at ASA Youth Provincials

Congratulations to all the CDSRA members who represented Calgary at the 2018 ASA Servus Youth Provincial Championships this past weekend. All Calgary members in attendance served on medal games, a sign of quality and pride for Calgary officials.

  • Michael Mund (Referee)
  • Dustin Friesen (Referee)
  • Harsimrit Lakhyan (Referee)
  • Michelle Mendez-Holmes (Referee)
  • Guy Napert-Frenette (Referee)
  • Jan Krol (Referee)
  • Artin Afshari (Referee)
  • Erik Bengsston (Referee)
  • Laurie Hastings (Assessor)
  • Rob Eberhardt (Assessor)