What level of games can I request to be filmed?

There are no level restrictions, though we would recommend you find a game/games in a month that you would deem to be a challenge so you can find the most benefit from the video you will receive. Also due to the nature of filming in a public setting, we are restricting the video program to adult games only for the time being. 

How many games can I have recorded?

We would like to give everyone interested the opportunity to have at least one game recorded per season. But we would like anyone interested to submit any of the games they would like to have recorded. So if we have the time to do more then one we will find someone to provide you with this opportunity.

Is there a way I can watch other members videos?

These videos are for private use, so that member can share the video with fellow members privately or with the instructors to be used in an educational setting. But we request that the videos not be shared on public forums or social media.

Can I have the video focus on certain aspects of my game?

Yes. These videos are designed to help us develop as referees. So when you meet with the volunteer to have your game recorded just let them know what you would like to be the focus.

If you have any questions that aren't covered here or anywhere else; please feel free to email Dustin Friesen at Dfriesen91@gmail.com.