Individuals wishing to join the CDSRA should fill out a Membership Application Form. Membership fees can be paid in cash, cheque or by online payment.

If paying by cash or cheque, you may submit it in person to any executive member or by mail to: PO Box 42072 Southland RPO Calgary, AB, T2J 7A6. 

The membership dues vary as follows:

  • Adult - $50
  • Student - $25
  • Youth - $25

If paying online, prospective members enter their credit card information (which CDSRA does not retain). This information is collected by the service provider, and is used to communicate with your bank for this one transaction only. You can access the online payment via the store. Online processing fees bring the membership dues to:

  • Adult - $53
  • Student - $26.75
  • Youth - $26.75